Eden/Campbellsport - REACH

The REACH Underage Drinking in Eden and Campbellsport Action Team is a collaboration of agency and community members from Eden and Campbellsport who have come together to address the growing problem of underage drinking in the community. The Action Team works toward making alcohol less available, less attractive, and less acceptable to youth.

Examples in Eden/Campbellsport:

Less available-No alcohol allowed in parade float entries in Campbellsport for the 4th of July parade. Alcohol is not sold at Eden’s summer youth little league games.

Less attractive-Campbellsport BP does not advertise alcohol on their windows or outside the store. Piggly Wiggly’s alcohol advertising inside the store is at least 3 feet above the floor in order to not advertise to young children. King Pin Lanes does not advertise alcohol in the bowling lanes area.

Less acceptable-supporting alcohol-free events and gatherings.

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