North Fond du Lac

Spreading across the county, Horace Mann High School in North Fond du Lac has started the group Students Taking Action Against Negative Decisions (STAAND) which originated at Fond du Lac High School.  These students work together to stand up and speak out against substance abuse within their community.  Their goal is to educate youth and adults in North Fond du Lac about the consequences of substance abuse.

STAAND spreads its message multiple ways including posters, chalking, and social media. They also help with environmental scans of alcohol advertising and product placement within the local community to identify what messages they are seeing in their day to day lives. 

STAAND works toward a common goal of changing the alcohol culture in their community.  Students are always welcome to participate and join at any point of the year.  To become involved at Horace Mann High School, talk to Mrs. Maurer in Room 209 and complete the application.

NFDL STAAND students participated in the Horace Mann Homecoming Parade 2012

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