Fond du Lac

Students Taking Action Against Negative Decisions (STAAND) is a group of Fond du Lac High School students who stand up and speak out against substance abuse.  Their goal is to educate youth and adults in Fond du Lac about the consequences of substance abuse.

STAAND has been an active student group since 2008.  STAAND has completed many activities at the high school like chalking statistics on sidewalks, educating parents on their role to talk to their teens about drugs and alcohol and organizing social norms campaigns in the school and the community.  STAAND spreads its message multiple ways including the radio, posters, chalking, presentations, press releases and social media.

STAAND works toward the common goal of changing the alcohol culture in their community.  Any student can become involved by talking to Megan Harshbarger at 906-6715 and completing an application.

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